The Ancient Battle

The red beating of the heart and soul

Amidst the green, green meadows

Brings the warriors to battle–strong, determined, whole

Lurking in the early morn as mere hints of living shadows

Whispers of unheard footsteps gliding o’er wet fields of dew

Startled breaths gasped in hollowed throats

Then soldiers’ war cries on the clearing air flew

Scrambling from long-ships and skimming wee boats

Approach the shores of doom

The aftermath a blazing fire in the sun rays hiding the gloom


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Young Minds Get Lost in the Thrill of Discovery

Picture of Girl Reading

I remember the first books I read as a young child

I became a part of the beauty of words and magic of far off places for a while

I lived in castles with roaring fires in winter months, warm and cozy

I ran through lush, green meadows in summer, my cheeks rosy

I wore long frocks made of silks and satins

I held up my skirts and petticoats while crossing crisp, cool rapids

I used to think I had been born in the wrong century

I knew I would return to the medieval times eventually

For that is where I belonged

Was I wrong?

No, not really–we can go anywhere and experience anything

Our imagination is the strongest part of our mind

And we can live in any place and time

Just by opening a book or tapping the screen of our tablet

The happiness and wisdom of a child is within us; Let’s Go!





9/11–We Lost the Battle, but isn’t the war of terrorism still thriving?

9/11 by Deborah A. Bowman

15 years from that which Americans have never recovered

Friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors … all beloved

Gone in the blink of an eye in a blasting inferno of fire

We lost the battle that day when we didn’t even know we were at war

But has it changed so very much?

Terrorists bringing death, destruction, and such

All around the world, in their hidden camps, glorified

Trying to totally erase a specific ethnicity … genocide

Acts of horror, devastation, blood and gore

And oft’times, they didn’t even know they were at war

Even within our sacred borders …

We don’t even know that we are at war.

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The Labor of Love

The Labor of Love

by Deborah A. Bowman

Should it hurt to love someone?

Accept their barbs, lies, and the battles they’ve won?

That left you trampled in the dust, desolate and confused.

Or should you just turn away, separate yourself, be a recluse?

There can be peace and freedom from no interaction

From those who we are expected to love without condition.

Guilt seeping in with every whispered taunt.

Trying to accept and believe, but left only in want.

Sometimes it’s best just to lie down and rest,

Safe from the anger, jeers, and jests.

Sometimes it just isn’t funny anymore.

The time will come when you need less to achieve more.

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