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Editing, Proofreading, Design, Writing (Rewriting/Ghostwriting) Publishing at Affordale Prices.


I’ve spent a lifetime, it seems, learning to create documents, books, pamphlets, reports, newspapers/newsletters (now websites and blogs) that sound and look professional, reading smoothly and correctly to capture and grasp the reader’s attention, making some of the least exciting material look interesting to the professionals who need the information and produce novels which have won awards for my clients. As Publications Control Officer for the U.S. Army Materiel Command, experience and the desire to aid other authors and writers has allowed me to work with people from all walks of life across the entire globe.

It can be quite a challenge to break up voluminous mounds of b&w copy with images, figures, captions, tables, or columns by designing with color, boxed copy, even using shapes, lines, graphics, and white space for a pleasant looking and user-friendly publication.

sharpened blue wooden pencil

It starts with the written word. If the words aren’t editorially correct and interesting, no amount of pizzazz is going to help. Always start with a good editor and experienced proofreader–not yourself–no matter how good you are at catching typos and correcting grammar/punctuation, telling a story, or creating unique business copy or design. A fresh pair of eyes is essential to see what the writer can’t see, when you read right over errors or “glitches”–as we called them in the newspaper business–because your mind has engrained within your brain what you wrote, what order you wrote it in, and what points you made. Your eyes see what they expect to see,  not necessarily what is there at all. And a writer can almost never cut his/her own material. They cling steadfastly to, “I need every word. I can’t relate the events or tell the story without all the stylistic comparisons and background information!” So what do you do when your editor tells you that your word count is too high for many agents and publishing houses to consider your work? Cut it in half, but say the same thing? Impossible! Let an editor look at it. Bring it back to the basics–who, what, when, where, and not even how, unless you’re writing a training or assembly manual.

Proofreading a Manuscript beside Laptop

There are  different levels of editing: proofreading, copy editing, technical editing, developmental and content editing, full edit with some rewriting, a complete rewrite, and ghostwriting. I do a free reading of your first chapter or a specific part of your book or business mission/proposal to give you an idea of what may be required to finish, edit, and achieve professional quality. Many times my free suggestions can help you resolve problems before they occur and diminish the level of editing; consequently, lowering fees. 

Don't you wish you had one of these on your keyboard?

I was fortunate to learn from the very best…the U.S. Army back when a typo could get you court-martialed or a wrong word could cause an international incident. And we did it all by hand, stripping in corrections on light-tables one line/one word/one letter at a time. I don’t want to go back to those days, but I do want the meticulous quality from that era when it took a whole art and composition department a year or more to layout one completed book. Technology has really sped up the process, but sometimes at the cost of accuracy. That’s why an editor’s eyes, ears, and professionalism is a must!


I’ve always been fascinated with computers, so way back in the early 1980s, I automated the largest Army Major Command on a UNIX system that filled the entire basement of a 10-story building. As computers got smaller and personal printers finally were able to generate camera-ready copy, I transferred my skills strictly to my PC. Finally, we were able to mix text and graphics on one screen with the right tools and software programs. PageMaker was the first software program able to combine text and graphics.

tecnology blog

I’ve heard so many complaints about Microsoft Publisher and Google Docs, but I can’t imagine life without them. The key with these document softwares is that you have to understand publishing and printing concepts and terminology. And sometimes if it seems you have to reinvent the wheel with each new project, it’s just another great learning experience. As you can probably tell, as much as I’m a writer, a poet, a fiction author who loves the beauty and sound of descriptive word paintings as well as the art of storytelling, I also love the nuts-and-bolts of design and creation. Above all, I am a stickler for accuracy, clarity, and good, solid, meaningful writing.


This is what I’m made of, and this is what I do. I make everyone a better writer and if you want to know editing rules and reasons for what I do along the way to hone your writing craft, I’ll throw that in too. I enjoy teaching and mentoring.

Do I edit my own books? No, I do not. I do proofread my blogs, so don’t be surprised if you catch me with a typo or a word left out or some other silly goof. We’re only human, but that’s so far superior to spell-check and grammar-check which has no human properties. Editorial Apps and computer programs are your best friend at times, but your worst nightmare as well. One misplaced correction or error can be duplicated hundreds of times throughout your manuscript without your knowledge. Then when submitted to an agent, pubisher, or put on a site for sale or promotion, “your” clients and readers will be only to happy to point out your errors and decrepancies in reviews with little or no stars attached.

Read my complete bio with my credentials on this blog/site under “Who Am I?” or email me at bowmaneditor@outlook.com

Deborah A. Bowman, Writer/Editor and Publishing Consultant, Clasid Consultants Publishing


Go With It! (Original song by Deborah A. Bowman)

Lost in time

Encased in rhyme

Breathless sigh

Don’t wonder why

Dip and sway away

Go with it!

Lovely face

Crowded space

It draws your eyes

Beauty emphasized

Feel the beat and heat

Go With It!

Soul enraptured

Moment captured

Eros tosses a dart

Straight to your hearts

Sing together

Go with it!

Let the love flow through rhyme and time

The music will soothe as you lose yourself in each other

Just two hearts

Beating as one

Never to part

Laughing in the sun

The song of joy and kicks

Just Go With It!

Writing Nonfiction or Fictional Spiritual Beliefs to Enhance the Quality and Accuracy of Your Informational Article or Story. The Key is in the Research.

We or our characters speak to the angels; pray to our Maker; wonder about synchronicity and if there are really coincidences. How many messages from the Spiritual realm are integral to a story’s plot or important to share with our readers on a factual basis? It doesn’t take a lot of time, study, or special powers to listen and react to little thoughts in our minds that seem to come out of nowhere to our consciousness. This is our creative inspiration speaking to us. What message are you trying to share and why? What is your purpose: Informational articles/blogs or a character’s belief system that is crucial to the storyline? Nonfiction is usually about sharing our own beliefs, but a character’s spirituality is a different matter entirely. It takes believing what the character believes in as you slip on his/her mask and become the protagonist or antagonist.

Ah, “believing”! That’s the hard part. I’m sure you’ve always heard that many people “have to see it to believe it”. But what about “some things have to be believed in to be seen”? This is more than a play on words. This is a direction, seeking and believing in an energy, an existence, magic, miracles, “unseen” phenomenon, which is beyond the day-to-day facts of humanity. It’s a whisper in the dark; a feeling of being watched over; a certainty that there is more to life than the superficial; a dream that is overwhelming like it really happened. Maybe it did on another plane of existence?

Alternate realities, Quantum Physics, Time Travel, Astral Projection, knowing something in advance, deja’vu, meeting someone and feeling that you have known that person before, even if their essence was in another body. So many options to contemplate in reality and also the sky is the limit with creativity! But, even in the Fantasy genre, it has to be believable, and that requires research.

Online Research is such a lifesaver opposed to the voluminous books in libraries of yesteryear!

So many unexplained emotions, recognitions, realizations, and inner knowing that may not always come from within. It may have come from outside the body in the blink of an eye. Don’t let go of the feeling, the message, the Spiritual. Let it come. Try to rationalize it. When it cannot be rationalized, look beyond the factual to the belief system. Listen, watch, dig deep into your soul, look for repetitions. We must search for the answers. Don’t turn a blind eye. Open your heart and soul, mind and emotions. The messages and intuitive creativity are real on some plane of existence, perhaps steeped in the imagination. Believe in your own precognition!

Writing Informational or Fictional Spirituality, Fantasy, Divinity, Beliefs: Keeping it Real!

–Deborah A. Bowman

The Universe is in a State of Heightened Awareness. Be the Catalyst for the Future!

Does everything feel heavy and confusing and scattered? Overwhelming is the word I choose. Problems seem heavier; but by the same token, elation and life seem fuller. Such is the energy of the Universe–polarities, opposites, the good must be balanced by the not-so-good. Much of the heaviness dwells in our unintuitive, fearful interpretations. When we feel strong energy seeping into our being, we tend to expect bad tidings. Thus is such engrained in our primordial history, our roots, where every feeling was taken at its absolute worse-case scenario. It’s how tumultuous energy was perceived because it was a life-or-death necessity.

Yet, that was then; this is now. The Pandemic showed up a glimpse of a full breakdown, total collapse. We feared doomsday was upon us. And for many, far too many, their lives were taken, and grieving has engulfed our planet. That energy of sadness and loss must go somewhere. Everyone was touched by it. WE ALL KNEW CRIPPLING FEAR.

The GOOD NEWS is that life continued. We are emerging from the other side. We have lived and thrived! Yes, there is much dark energy to wade through, but there is also the flip-side, much love and joy and celebration to express. WE MADE IT THROUGH THE STORM!

We have seen the dark days. Now it is time to let the light back into our lives. This is a conscious choice each and every individual must make. Let the intense energy from the Universe that circles the earth be your stepping stone of happiness to the future. Honor our lost loved ones with beautiful memories and thankfulness. Do not let their sacrifice be in vain. They subconsciously chose to move onto the next Godly plain and let their loved ones remain from the most seasoned, wise elder to the youngest soul. Rejoice in their destiny!

Yes, heavy energy. Use it wisely with joy and peace.

This energy is but energy, positive and negative. We choose its polarity with our free will. Go forth, strong and unafraid. It’s time to rebuild. “Hope springs eternal!”

–Deborah A. Bowman

Be the Catalyst for a Brighter Tomorrow!

A Humming Bird in Flight. Let Us Learn!

A Humming Bird in Flight

A tiny creature, barely noticeable,

The size of an insect.

What a rare and precious find, incredible!

If we could but enlarge its beauty, it would reflect

The glory of nature in one swift swoop

As the tiny bird sweeps into our lives with ballet loops.

Ah, the peace, joy, and purity of nature…

It reminds us to look for the little things

That bring so much meaning, depth, and will to nurture

All life upon our planet, all thoughts and feelings in our souls.

We can learn much from this luminous, humming fowl

Who has no troubles, woes, resentment.

Skimming the skies in faithful bliss,

Seeking the nourishment that strengthens the minuscule wings.

Listen closely as you hear the song of endless

Joy, peace, freedom, and contentment.

So let us sing!

–Deborah A. Bowman

What Did the 4th of July Mean to You?

Another 4th of July, another holiday Monday.

But what did it mean?

Was it fun & frolic on a bright summer day

Or subdued memories of history unseen?

The red, white, and blue are so much more

Than just bright decorative colors.

The U.S., the world, has been shaken to the core.

Love, hope, and pride should burn with passion!

History Points the Way to Our Future

Publishing and Editing Services, “The Pick and Shovel Work of Perfection”

Everyone who comes to my blog, bowmanauthor/bowmaneditor, knows I write poetry from the abstract to the absurd. I share tips and tricks-of-the-trade for writing and publishing trends, and my passion: author of 10 books of fiction with a paranormal vein. My favorite genre is historical fiction based on fact, but my most popular two series works are the modern Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series and the Delilah Astral Investigators Infinity Series (time travel). I also do editorial reviews and critiques, third-party unbiased literary agent reviews, and of course, readers reviews. WRITERS ARE READERS!

Reading for me is my guilty pleasure, having taken a backseat to the heartfelt world of mentoring other authors and writers with the “Pick and Shovel Work” of writing, editing, rewriting, plot development, publishing, and the accuracy, clarity, and consistency of all genres of fiction, nonfiction, and business writing. I have done ghostwriting for decades, biographies and memoirs only, but I would rather guide you on how to write your own story. I teach as I edit on my own unique system at no extra charge. My authors win awards!

Editing and content development is the job that everyone hates to tackle in their own writing where the Elements of Style meet English Composition. It’s the not-so-creative necessities of making sure everything gels together in accuracy, voice, flow, and cohesiveness. Boring, yet imperative rules on parts of speech, punctuation, grammar, tenses, word definition, and syntax. YUCK! It’s all about knowing the rules tied into the grueling practice of diagramming sentences as well as organizing the chapters and integral parts of a document. DOUBLE YUCK! It really does help your writing if your sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and business publications really do make sense.

So, you never know what you will find when you stumble into my blog. I just hope you’ll contact me when you need a little assistance with a manuscript, personal resume, or researched report which requires a little polishing.

“Picks and shovels” unearth precious gems from the congealed ore of our planet. Let me help you take your diamond-in-the-rough and release its brilliance with all its multi-faceted glory.

Happy writing as well as creativity and editorially correct publications to everyone!

Deborah A. Bowman, Publishing Advisor, Writer/Editor

The beauty of nature and books/publications when it all comes together!

The Tarot, Quick Reference Guide

Since there is so much interest in Tarot Cards, I am reblogging this post from my own Divination/Meditation Blog. As a writer/editor/publisher, this is my own original writing and suggestions for learning the Tarot. Enjoy!

Metaphysical, Spiritual, Divination

On my first posting for this new blog, I mentioned that Tarot was the most used Divination card system. Therefore, for those of you who want to learn a little bit about it, I am going to include a “Quick Reference Guide” which I wrote myself in simple words that introduce or define each card. The visuals and intuitive feelings of the reader will make each card and each diverse deck your very own as you listen to your to soul and spirit. My definitions may vary from what you feel, but this is a starting point for those of you who are interested. Please leave any questions or other meanings you interpret in the comments.

Tarot Cards

  1. THE FOOL: Beginning the Path of Life or Adjusting to a New Path.
  2. MAJOR ARCANA: I. THE MAGICIAN: Magic and Manifestation.
  3. II. THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Intuitive and Spiritual.
  4. III…

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Check Out My New Blog Which Shares a Lifetime of Spiritual Research


For decades I have been actively studying spiritual and metaphysical subjects: history, evolution, divination, the soul, the Universe, our existence. This has included psychological pursuits as well because the development of the personal psyche makes all of these pursuits one and the same. This blog will share my findings and research.

I know there are many like-minded individuals seeking their own pathway upon this journey. I hope we can share our findings and our hypotheses on this exciting, evolutionary subject.

Angels dwell among us!