Enjoy Fiction With A Message!

I’m an author who writes in different genres, including the creative urge to combine genres to give the reader an enjoyable experience with accurate research and important information. I’m available on twitter, facebook (soon to be completed) and now WordPress to share editorial and inspirational ideas or answer questions. Authors need to help each other, and it’s so easy in this instant technological age. The communication of authors direct to readers with questions, comments, ideas, etc., will make each sequel in a series or each successive novel more custom-made for readers. Writers are fanatical readers themselves, and I love to paint word paintings and/or prosaic poetical prose (my own phrases) for descriptive passages that place the reader in the scene. Yet, it is just as important to keep the plot fast-paced and action-packed, whether it be romantic drama, contemporary women’s erotica, psychological thriller, mystery, paranormal investigative chronicle, or historical fiction saga. I have delved into all of these genres, and I’m always looking for creative, new variations on a theme. I would love to hear from kindred spirits, both readers and writers. I know as an avid reader myself, my most treasured books are the ones that I learn something from as well as having captivating, can’t-wait-to-turn-the-page plots.


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