Many thanks to all who participated in ebook promo for my novella, STROKE OF FEAR! (Another free promo coming soon!)

I want to thank all the readers and writers who downloaded STROKE OF FEAR! (Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series), the first novella in this ongoing saga. The second novella will be offered on a free promo next week. I’ll have the exact dates of the promo by the end of this week.

I also want to thank those of you who took the time to write a review or drop me an email or tweet, expressing your encouragement on this series. If you haven’t had time to read the novella yet, please consider writing a short review on when you finish Denny Ryder’s first adventure.

Denny is left in dire straits at the end of this series opener. Please join me and the rest of my readers as Denny attempts to heal her ravaged mind and body with the help of her friends and especially Detective Ted Collins. The serial killer, Benny Russo, is still at-large and will abduct another child in his psychopathic desire to feed on the blood of innocent young children.  

Only Denny knows where the killer can be found, even as she fights to repress her psychic dreams and deny the voice of a young girl, Clarissa, calling out to her.

The Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series is age appropriate for pre-teen to adults. The paranormal reaches out to many kindred spirits who experience unexplained phenomenon and seek understanding.

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