The Buttery, A Rare Find in Lewes, Delaware; A Restaurant with wonderful food and history; A MUST-DO DESTINATION!

The Buttery, A Rare Find in Lewes, Delaware; A Restaurant with wonderful food and history; A MUST-DO DESTINATION!

I’m much more of a word painting person than a photographer, but I took this picture of The Buttery Restaurant in Lewes, Delaware. It was recommended to me by a dear friend, and I am so grateful. All she gave me was the name of the restaurant and said that the food was wonderful. By its name I was expecting a converted farmhouse attached to what was once a dairy or creamery. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by what we found. The garden speaks for itself!

I was curious that on the website, the menu, the establishment itself  there was no history of this beautiful old mansion. From the proprietor I learned the following facts I would like to share, having asked and received permission.

Lewes is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the east coast. Who knew? This mansion was built by a Captain Morris in 1890 for his new bride. From the upstairs windows, I’m sure she could watch for his ship returning to her from afar. Almost a full block in size, she must have been lost and lonely while he was at sea. No one seems to know their story, but my author’s heart begs to create a love story of tragic proportions. Happily ever after seems not to be in the picture, but darkness does not dwell in this beautiful mansion, either.

I was told that the “Trapper” family owned the mansion for many years. Again, the history is vague, but the aura is tranquil mystique with just a hint of sadness.

The mansion fell upon hard times and became a boarding house, a Tea-Room, and may have been left to deteriorate. This definitely creates sadness for such a vintage architectural marvel of American history.

The mansion was purchased and refurbished to its current stateliness in 1999. I could have gone to the real estate records, perhaps, for more information, but it would have overshadowed the gourmet meal and walking in the footsteps of the past.

I felt warmth in this house of mystery. If it is haunted, it is haunted with love!

Deborah A. Bowman, author

Second & Savannah, Lewes, DE 19958; (302) 645-7755 (written with permission) (also on Facebook).

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