Writing is like a game of Scrabble…you need the right letters to make the right words…


 I am a notorious wordsmith; this is my obsession.

I agonize over a conjunction or a preposition.

Adjectives are dear friends to me,

But my descriptive pals must let me see

A word painting come to life on the page!

I don’t count the words to set my gauge

Of whether I’ve said enough or way too much.

I brainstorm the words in a mad rush,

Then go back to the start and begin again.

I cut and I add, question and doubt, change and rearrange.

It’s like a Scrabble game; you make the words fit

With the luck of the draw, bit by bit,

Combined with the letters on the gameboard in play

To select words in a new and different way.

Such is the story and frank admission

Of a writer of words with a crazed obsession.

Deborah A. Bowman, wordsmith

12 thoughts on “Writing is like a game of Scrabble…you need the right letters to make the right words…

      1. Arg! That’s maddening. When you’re on google type in my name in search, D.G. Kaye. I have 2 pages but I mostly use the DebbyDGKayeGies page. If not, I will look for you when I’m there.


    1. Anne, thank you so much. I write about what I feel and what I’m passionate about…writing, editing, design, how to hone your craft. The one thing being older has taught me is that we’re never too old to learn something new. I love the new technology and the pathways of life it opens up for all of us. I’m also very goofy and silly…which is why I love “Deranged Writers”. Is there any other kind? Probably not. lol


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