A Word on Book Reviews…

I love almost all genres of books. An avid reader, writer, editor, I believe strongly in helping young writers. They are the future. That said, reviews are so important, but they must be honest. You’re not helping a friend or family member if you either over-rate or under-rate a book. Over-rating a book that needs work or editing prevents the author from developing his/her potential with a false sense of security. If you under-rate a book to make it sell less because you’ve written something in a similar genre, you aren’t helping your own book–you’re hurting the craft and industry of professional writers. Quality, clarity, accuracy, creativity are the four things I look for in a book I will treasure always. Even if the genre isn’t my cup-of-tea, good writing is always appreciated, always stands out. Make sure your research is solid and your plot believable. Writers are readers, and readers in many cases could be writers, but sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy a good book, getting lost in the beauty of language and the thrill of discovery.

A book without reviews is like a blank page
A book without reviews is like a blank page

3 thoughts on “A Word on Book Reviews…

  1. So true, Deborah. Though, if I really don’t like the book, I can’t find it in myself to leave a review. I guess, I just don’t like giving those 1 and 2 stars : )

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    1. Donna, you have to finish the book to review it…at least that’s my philosophy. Some books, I never finish. Therefore, I give very few 1-star ratings. I do try to contact the author, however, and let them know their book needs work if it’s unreadable from an editorial standpoint. If the book offends me, I stop reading. Just as I would get up and walk out of a movie that was offensive. Good point you brought up!


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