The End, or Should I Say Beginning, is in Sight! Delilah, Astral Investigator, Infinity Series to be Released as eBook Next Week!

Queen Mollie, Delilah's Cat

This tween/teen/YA book series, that adults can relate to as well, has 17-year old Delilah, “Dee”, a very modern teenager, teaming up with Bartholomew, “Bartie”, a Colonial American from 1774 and her intuitive cat, Mollie, to go backwards and forward in time to help souls caught in their death throes, repeating horribly unexpected deaths over and over again in purgatory. At some point the cycle will be broken, and these angry, deranged, and bitter entities will return to the earthly plane to wreak havoc on our over-populated, ailing planet.

Every soul that Delilah, Bartholomew, and Queen Mollie can redeem and ease across the threshold to the other side, the less horrendous crime, abuse, torture, terrorism, and evil will be unleashed on the world of the future.

History has been researched extensively to inform and enlighten. There is much humor, happiness, and sadness in this series. Unfortunately, not all souls can be saved, and some do not wish it!

Did I mention that Mollie hates Bartholomew, and they constantly fight?

A series to enjoy and savor…at any age.


Deborah A. Bowman, Author


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