Everyone Needs a Good Editor

I wanted to share this positive and helpful information by Margaret Langstaff, brilliant author AND EDITOR. This posting goes hand-in-hand with editorial advice I have written about many times in my blog. United!–professional editors stand to make sure your writing and storytelling is judged on its plot and merit, not on typos, grammar, punctuation, incorrect structure, and inconsistencies. Trust an editor to bring your words to life! –Deborah A. Bowman

Margaret Langstaff


Most of you here know me as an author and book raconteur, but the bulk of my time is spent editing other people’s books.

I’ve been doing this professionally for over twenty years and find it very gratifying to help an author make the book the best it can be. The quality of manuscripts I get for editing varies widely, but usually if there is a kernel of a good plot and a few compelling characters, it can be transformed with tweaking, content editing and copy editing into something that shines and sings, that is, a winner.

Savvy, market-smart authors, particularly the best writers, recognize the high value a good edit imparts to their books, a value that often translates to increased recognition and sales. They wouldn’t dream of foregoing a professional edit for they know they cannot catch  everything, they are too close to it, and really dumb errors…

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