Floating, Lost Between Worlds


Could I be floating, lost between worlds?

One hand trying desperately to hold onto the earth;

The other hand drifting, my fingers lax and curled.

Don’t give up! Don’t let go! Don’t release the land of my birth!

No one knows what lies beyond.

We look up to the clouds, up through the mists.

We dream of a heaven to soothe us when we’re gone.

We try to see what’s out there, our heart full of wishes.

But this time must come in everyone’s lifetime,

When we feel caught between two existences.

Yet no matter how strong our faith, we are blind

To what comes after our final resistances.

What if there is nothing at all?

Do we float forever or do we fall?

…into nothingness and become nothing at all.

How long can I float amidst the clouds?

Not long, t’is said, once the body breaks down.

But as long as I hold on and continue to float,

Maybe, just maybe, there is hope

…for a little more time, just a little more time.

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