Crystal Wonderland…or What a Foot of Snow Looks Like in Washington, D.C.

snow 2 

snow 1

Crystal Wonderland

Diamond-laden trees, twinkling in the light

Bushes filled with pristine snow, shining and bright

A clean new world awaits us today

The silence is eerie, but peaceful in its own way

I’m snug and warm, looking down from the window

I almost think I can taste the frosty cold

The chill is exhilarating in my mind

A day for dreaming and being lost in time

We rarely see this type of Crystal Wonderland

In Washington, D.C., for one day, it’s grand!

snow 4

8 thoughts on “Crystal Wonderland…or What a Foot of Snow Looks Like in Washington, D.C.

    1. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, the mistake on the lake.We had snow like this all winter. It’s very different here in D.C. People don’t know how to drive in it. There’s not enough funds to handle road treatment and plowing. But the big difference, of course, is that I have changed. My lack of mobility keeps me indoors, but it’s still beautiful to watch it from my window.

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      1. Yes, beautiful to look at, not travel in lol. Your Ohio winters are quite comparable to Toronto. I’m quite sure places like Texas and Nevada are most certainly not prepared for snow either 🙂


      2. They must really be suffering in Texas and Nevada. The cold is btreaking all kinds of records here…just imagine if you weren’t use to it at all! And I think my joints hurt. Lol

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  1. It was mystical and breathtaking, especially since we rarely ever get this much snow at one time. Williamsburg, VA is incredible. Hope you have a great time! Christmas in Williamsburg is so beautiful.


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