Review of “Trumpets Will Fill the Sky” by R.A. McColley–You Don’t Want to Miss This One!


"Trumpets Will Fill the Sky" and Echo Into Infinity
“Trumpets Will Fill the Sky” and Echo Into Infinity
Deborah A. Bowman's Rating
Deborah A. Bowman’s Rating


“Trumpets Will Fill the Sky” by Poet and short story writer R. A. McColley is a plethora of delightful forbidden pleasures. How can so many unique genres flow from one creative imagination? Mind-blowing to us mere mortals.

“Trumpets” are blaring across the Universe and down from Mount Olympus, seeping up from the ground in the darkness of evil fantasy and horror. Sensitive, spiritual questions beg to be answered: “Who Am I? Why am I here? What am I? Where am I?”

Beauty with the richness of Poe. Depth with the superconsciousness of Freud and Jung. Realism in all its depression, elation, derangement, and the sensuality of dreams. Fantasy with things that go bump in the night, partake of your blood, or soar unparalleled in delicate waves across the heavens.

“Trumpets” will herald a new beginning or doom the evolution of mankind. The paradox paradigm.

A book you will want to savor and taste, time and time again. Well-done, Master.

I highly recommend this as required reading for the soul. Reach for other universes as “The Trumpets…fill the Sky!”


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