DNA and Family Trees

Intriguing blog and great info to get everyone thinking about how our world came together. We need to understand and accept the strife our ancestors suffered for us. We always want something better for our progeny and so it has been since the beginning of time.

Pockets of Chaos

A couple of years ago, I was asked by ancestry.com to participate in their pilot program taking DNA samples and comparing the scientific analysis of the results with my own family-tree research. Just this month, I received word that they had updated their analysis of my ethnic background, based on further testing (and additional subjects). The new information is more thorough, but is likely to be more confusing as well. I am a big fan of genealogy and ancestry.com is my go-to site for research, and I really like the added science of DNA analysis. That said, I think we have to recognize that the results of these studies are preliminary and subject to change. If more people are encouraged to submit samples for genetic analysis, the process will get better. Meanwhile, we should be cautious about accepting these limited, partial findings since they may change in a short time.

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One thought on “DNA and Family Trees

  1. Interesting stuff here Deb. Incidentally, I just heard something on the news that some funeral homes will start giving DNA from deceased on request to family to have for things like analyzing DNA for hereditary disease and the likes.

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