Cats and The Arts! by Deborah A. Bowman

cats and writers

Cats are drawn to writers, musicians, actors, comics–the Arts … all!

Look at them scurrying through penned scripts, enthralled

As if they can read each tiny scribble and revise the news

With their critiques, opinions, comments, views.

How fortunate we are to have cats to advise!

cats and music     cat and piano

Playing strings or striking keys with tiny paws and claws.

If you listen closely you’ll hear them sing, letting their voices ring.

But when you enter the room to see them perform,

The cat looks at you questioning why, suddenly becoming shy.

That’s when the little artist has the desire to roam.

cat mime  cat and theater

The consummate actor, the mime, the showoff, creating havoc and drama.

Cats play any scene, mimic our schemes, offering up chaos and trauma.

Then the role changes, rearranges, and the kitty becomes the clown.

We giggle and laugh as they run all around,

Dancing and prancing, looking at us upside down.

cat in the bag

Their tirade complete, they fall asleep, finding a great hiding place,

A box, a bag, a space too small, fit for only a contortionist.

If they want to be found, we’ll see their sweet faces;

If not, they just disappear, the perfect illusionist.

And of course, with cats all; they never come when you call.

cat and humor

We end our poem with our sleeping friend

Who’s obviously read every word to the end.



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