Reading Stimulates the Mind! (Inspired by

water your mind

How can we let the words of our ancestry

Dissolve in apathy and lethargy?

Where are the thinkers, the readers, who learned from history

The way to the future, progression through evolution?

The mind is a precarious concept–it cannot be seen or touched,

But the mind can be starved, filled with anxiety, rushed …

To the point of no return.

We need to learn from the written word.

–Deborah A. Bowman

4 thoughts on “Reading Stimulates the Mind! (Inspired by

  1. Thank you Deborah and yes, the site is correct. Thanks for writing the beautiful poem. I believe we do need to nourish our minds and simply read. I think of all the illiterate minds that could be helped by reading. Thanks so much for your support. You are awesome!


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