Healing Silence Captured in Verse

Very recently I went to a silent retreat. I wondered with my capricious chatter, as prolific as my writing, how I would ever withstand being totally quiet. But I had a mission, you see. I have not been well, and normal medical science seemed to be letting me down. Would silent reflection help?

I have to respond with a resounding, yet quiet, “Yes!”

Sometimes the things we dwell on and fear the most will respond to just letting go. Another whispered thought is acceptance. All is healing.

I wrote a few poems while in my silent retreat with loving strangers all around me. In the next few days I will share them. The verse tells the story so much better than I ever could.

Contemplative Silence in Nature
Contemplative Silence in Nature

My first poem at the beginning of my silent day:


Please Dear Lord, take away the pain

That governs my life and makes me insane.

Give me peace and energy.

Let me see what I should be.

When did I lose my way

And become what I am today?

How do I let go of years of tears?

How do I let go of all the fears?

I’m the only one who can do this–

Take away the crippling madness.

All I have to do is say, “Yes!”

Taking Time in Silence to See the Angel in the Sky
Taking Time in Silence to See the Angel in the Sky


17 thoughts on “Healing Silence Captured in Verse

    1. West Virginia is the most beautiful, calming state (state of being; state of mind). My mother lives there. We’re immigrants from Cleveland! I’m now in Washington, D.C. Worst place I could probably be with Lupus/RA…oh well, my son and granddaughter are near. I hope you like the 2nd poem from the retreat. You are a wonderful person!

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      1. Thank you, Deborah. You’re wonderful, too. Having visited DC a few times, I admit it would kill me even if I didn’t have health issues. I suppose you have to be where your career takes you and I’m sure it helps to be near your son and granddaughter. “Almost heaven, West Virginia…” says it all.

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      2. I wish I were closer to my mom. She’s 90 and runs circles around me. Only two places worst for traffic in U. S. than DC–Los Angeles and New York City. I traveled much with the Army, here and abroad, but I was a journalist coming up the ranks … civilian support. My Mom was with the very first Women’s Army Corps in WWII. That’s where she met my Dad.

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    2. Dear Deb,
      I am glad you got to go and take time out for yourself. I am slowly but surely reading all your writing. Having never ever been to the West Virginia mountains, I can only visualize them from Dr. Linda’s and your posts- so keep posting – if possible about nature.

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      1. Thank you. Susie. You’re so right … sometimes I take the breathtaking scenery near where my mother lives for granted. I need to share the overwhelming beauty of the mountains in verse and art.

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    1. I think this retreat was a saving grace when I was at my most precarious time. Going to 2-hour meditation/channeling workshop on May 31st. Got to keep up the positive energy flow.


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