CB Kat…me and my world

This is a new voice as a blogger, poet, and soon to be author. It is a voice worthy of listening to and following. Her wisdom and life experiences will resonate with many of the sensitive souls which I have been honored to call friends.

Musings from a Wounded Soul

Although I am new to blogging, I am old to expressing myself with the written word.  Throughout my journey words, spoken and written, have given me sanity and allowed me to understand and to move on.  In starting this very public expression of who I am and what I have known, I’m choosing to walk down a new path.  I hope to reach out to kindred souls — the wounded souls…those of us who have fought the good fight and somehow managed to survive and flourish.

As I enter my senior years, thankful and blessed, I want to share my story.  I believe in the biblical adage that gray hair is a crown of glory (even though L’Oreal is my friend) and that life’s twists and turns leave us stronger, wiser and more compassionate.

To those reading this, especially those who are carrying heavy burdens, just know that time really…

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