Review of “Don’t Call Me Kit Kat” by F. J. Farnham, A Must-Read Book for YA and Women

review of Don’t Call Me Kit Kat (Kindle Edition)

My Rating ... Should be 10 Stars!
Deborah A. Bowman’s Rating

Don’t Call Me Kit Kat by F. J. Farnham

format Kindle Edition (verified purchase)
review It Starts Out So Unexpectedly and Then You’re Risking Your LifeK. J. Farnham has written another winner! In her portrayal of “Kit Kat” (her character hates to be referred to as a candy bar) and the devastating effects an eating disorder has on life and health. An unkind comment, the pressure of peers in middle and high school, a schoolgirl crush that is very serious to the fragile ego, the fear of not being accepted … it all adds up to drastic measures that start out as a one-time occurrence (“I’ll never do that again!”) and escalates rapidly. Excellent writing, research, denial, fear, treatment, and realism. You were right there with Katie the whole time, feeling her emotions, suffering right along with her, understanding her actions, even as you knew she was harming herself. A must-read book about a too little understood epidemic!

 Don't Call Me Kit Kat

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