It’s a New Year and a New Challenge–It’s Called Life!

Clouds with faded frame
Clear skies are our ultimate goal, all told…

New Year’s Challenges

Where will 2016 take us and how do we prepare?

There are many things we expect and of which we are aware,

But somehow, someway, they never turn out like we plan.

What surprises and snags will crop up close at hand?

When all we really want is problems few.

Such is the nature of life and “challenges” defined:

Never knowing what’s good or bad to accept or decline.

As if we had a choice, when most times we do not.

The things we really want to achieve or what we’ve already got

May not be the priorities once the dice are rolled anew.

All that we can hope for is more positive than negative,

And the challenges we don’t anticipate will be relatively…

Manageable Challenges…

Accept the unexpected; stifle problems and strife;

Resolve fights and slights; relish the delights…

It’s all in the game we call life.

Best Wishes for 2016!

–Deborah A. Bowman

Pink at sunrise, hint of joyful surprise; Gray clouds hide sun’s rays. Do you look for ‘rights and wrongs’ or ‘whys’ in the dawn?


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