The Past and How It Affects the Future

Gone are the days of history…

by Deborah A. Bowman

Gone are the days of yesteryear.
Gone are smiles, miles, tears and fears.
We of the present can learn from history.
Those of the future will fulfill our destiny.
The past comes alive as sins and wins are repeated.
Triumphs are heralded; Foes are defeated.
If only we could stop the challenges.
If only we could heighten the balances.
It makes me wonder as I ponder,
If all on earth have wandered
These paths before in yesteryear
And have returned with our hopes and fears.
History repeats itself,
But we remain ourselves
Through thick and thin, but in different skins.
Reacting the same way as we begin
Lifetimes in new bodies, when we are given
A chance to redeem our numerous sins
Or spread truth and love, strong and sage,
As we enter life in a future age.
Will I live again
Or is this the end?

Perhaps is this me in a previous life?

17 thoughts on “The Past and How It Affects the Future

  1. I think many of us try to “live again” via our children. I know that as a parent, I want my kids to have opportunities I didn’t have, or make better choices than I did, or just simply to learn from my mistakes. But in the end I just want them to be happy and fulfilled.

    Whether or not I existed I a previous life is something I can’t quite wrap my brain around, but it does make for interesting Sci-fi movies — the movies that take those “what if? ” questions and run with it.

    Great poem. Very thought-provoking!


      1. That’s not an accurate statement. My adult son has no children. Unless there something you know that I don’t ☺


      2. Sorry, A, Sidney thought he was answering me, Deborah. I have an adult son who is a single father. I have a beautiful redheaded 15-year old granddaughter. Must have been a bit of a jolt for you. lol Sid is commenting on Facebook. I don’t think he has the WordPress blog order down quite yet. Hope we did not offend.

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