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Snowzilla 2016 hit Silver Spring, MD, part of the Washington Metropolitan D.C. area hard–30 inches of snow … cars, trees, a 5-foot tall fence just disappeared. Then I thought about how the weather affected business. Closed, no customers, hard-demanding work at home just to get out of your house–the driveway, sidewalks, cars, and roads came much later. My thought process continued, and I realized this storm affected all businesses … even writing and editing!

Winter 2016 newsletter

Deborah A. Bowman, author, writer-editor, proofreader, formatter, publisher

7 thoughts on “@Writing @Editing @Publishing — Tricks, Tips, and Trends Newsletter

  1. Wow..I’ll bet it did. In Texas, it gets so hot in the summer that you can cook food on the sidewalks. I can handle the heat…I don’t think I could handle any place that cold. Hopefully spring will find its way soon!


    1. In 2003 or 4, we got 4 feet of snow over 2 days. Washington, D.C. was not prepared for this type of emergency. We typically receive less than a foot all winter. I’ve seen winters when it didn’t snow at all. Believe me cold rains are miserable … cut right through you to the bone. I was ready to go back to Cleveland, where the ground was white all winter. Anyway. our storm early in 2003/4 was named Snowpocolyse. We were a crippled city for weeks. This time D.C. was better prepared, but still a relative of Godzilla. Your U.S. history lesson for the year.

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