Spring of Joy and Hope at the Earth’s Renewal

morning scene, creative visualization
Spring in the air, weather so fair

To a Sunday Morn…

by Deborah A. Bowman, copyrighted 2016

Today is made for growing with spring knocking at my door.

The sky is dark and clouded, the rain serenely pours.

The flowers gently peek from their winter’s hiding place.

 The robin seeks refuge in pine needles of lace.

The rain is bringing growth to every flower, bush, and tree.

The creeks and rivers flow with eternal life to be.

The rain starts to subside, the sun no longer hides.

The clouds float away and blue skies glow with hope.

Peace, happiness, and love abound across the earth.

In the golden rays above, spring brings joy and rebirth.

From a church on yonder hill, the bells of Sabbath ring.

The world is quiet ’til the birds begin to sing.

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