Gallows Hill, or Proctors Ledge Memorial

This infamous time in American history is the subject of a past-life regression historical fiction book I have been working on for some time. It was interesting to me to find all this info in one place, and I am extremely grateful for this being shared. My book is an earlier time frame, 1630 to 1653, but there were hangings on Gallows Hill sporadically from 1628 to the hysteria of 1692/93. I’m so glad I found this well-researched blog, as my interest in history is broad and verified. A great website for those of us intrigued by the past and how it has affected the future.

2 thoughts on “Gallows Hill, or Proctors Ledge Memorial

  1. So sad, but true, in too many parts of the world. Alas, too many communities in the “Free” United States of America look down upon others, just because they are different. The “witches” are just referred to by other names.

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