The Three Commandments of Writing

This is written so well, I just had to share. As an editor, as well as a poet and novelist, we are constantly learning new, unique ways to express that which we must create or perish within our souls.

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If you asked my writing teachers for three words of advice on how to write well, most of them would give you the same three words.


A fair amount of people I knew in graduate school admitted, ashamed, that they didn’t have time to read fiction. I wouldn’t have just been ashamed – I would have dropped out of school immediately and pursued another path. Do any art students not look at art? Do any film critics not watch films? Without reading fiction, you cannot know the structure and feel of it. You cannot write without reading.


Okay, not exactly groundbreaking stuff here, but the levels of delusion are high in many potential writers. Case in point: me. Since I was young, I’ve wanted to be an author. And yet, I didn’t actually start writing a novel until the summer after my freshman year of college. If you…

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2 thoughts on “The Three Commandments of Writing

    1. Of course. Reading for pleasure is the start of the journey. When we realise we must write to tame the tortured heart and express the creative soul is but a realization of, “Aha! Eureka! I must write!”

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