Summer Beauty Is Upon Us

Dandelions, Simplicity in Beauty

I woke up today and the world had changed

It didn’t seem so different yesterday, what was rearranged?

The grass is somehow more luscious, lush, and green

There are wildflowers and thick leaves in vivid hues to be seen

The air is hot and moist today with rays of brilliant sun

Everyone is joyous and finding new games of outdoor fun

It seems just a fortnight ago, the earth was awash with spring

Tiny seedlings and buds just opening, birds returning to sing

Wisps of gentle breezes, chilly nights with dew-kissed dawns

Now the stillness of fragrant air and the days have grown so long

The sweet whisper of gurgling brooks over heated rocks and stones

Quiet times of peace to relax, finding time to be alone

Not wanting to stir in the humid heat of sunlight

Drinking in the beauty of summer with glorious sights

16 thoughts on “Summer Beauty Is Upon Us

  1. I really enjoyed this. Nicely written.

    Reminded me of a few days ago walking past a flower garden at the front of my building. The fragrances that wafted through the air were heavenly. And there, in the stillnesss of the evening, no sunlight needed to find my cheek, I felt the kiss of Summer. It was amazing.


  2. I’ll be in Dallas in August for a convention. This pale redhead will stay put inside with the A.C. The humidity makes D.C. a pretty miserable place too in summer.


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