Floating in the Air

Floating in the Air

I’m floating in the air

I shouldn’t have a care

But somehow I’m odd and misplaced

I know my mouth is located on my face

But the sound of my voice comes back to me

From some other place in the room or echoed back from the ceiling

I wonder what this vertigo means; what the dizziness is revealing

I just can’t explain how I feel …

Disconnected, adrift,  lost, unreal…

Free falling…

My inadequacies extolling…

Where do I belong?

When did I go wrong?

The dream becomes the nightmare

Beware … Beware … Beware…

Sometimes it isn’t carefree

Sometimes you just can’t see

When you don’t have a care in the world

Sometimes, it’s Terror!



























8 thoughts on “Floating in the Air

  1. What a powerful description. I have never experienced Vertigo, but it does sound truly traumatic. It is interesting how you begin with carefree floating, then transition into the symptoms to show the impact of this. Those people who enjoy good health should never take it for granted, not one minute of it. Hugs, xo

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    1. It was such an odd experience, I must say. I was talking and knew I was speaking, but the sound was outside of me, not inside, and that was just the beginning. I wondered for a while if God was bringing me home, but He said, “Not yet.”

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      1. Thank you, my friend. I just reread the poem. I can’t believe I wrote it. I can’t believe how accurate it is. It’s almost scarier reading about it than the unreal state. This made it real. I hope it never happens again, but I have not been given a reason or explanation for it yet. It might have been a drug interaction. If so, it should be resolved. I hope so. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for being you.

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