Young Minds Get Lost in the Thrill of Discovery

Picture of Girl Reading

I remember the first books I read as a young child

I became a part of the beauty of words and magic of far off places for a while

I lived in castles with roaring fires in winter months, warm and cozy

I ran through lush, green meadows in summer, my cheeks rosy

I wore long frocks made of silks and satins

I held up my skirts and petticoats while crossing crisp, cool rapids

I used to think I had been born in the wrong century

I knew I would return to the medieval times eventually

For that is where I belonged

Was I wrong?

No, not really–we can go anywhere and experience anything

Our imagination is the strongest part of our mind

And we can live in any place and time

Just by opening a book or tapping the screen of our tablet

The happiness and wisdom of a child is within us; Let’s Go!





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