How Does Time Get Away From Us

Time for Silence
The seconds of our life are ticking by. We need to make time for Silence and cherish every second, every breath.

How does time get away from us?

We try to do so much … too much!

In our crazy active lives, tasks go quick

But there are more things to make us tick.

We don’t want  to  be left behind

When new technology fills the mind.

The rapid influx of innovation

Calls to us in demanding recreation.

We want to try everything…

See everything…

Do everything…


So time gets gobbled up

Like a feast that we sup

And we look back and lament

That time is no longer urgent.

We forget what we must do first

Overcome by hunger and thirst

For news and info and games and fame.

Slow down a little, enjoy silence.

Let peace and calm be your dance.

2 thoughts on “How Does Time Get Away From Us

  1. Good post to promote feedback.

    Is there a reason you did not mention that Deborah does not practice what she is preaching?

    Your post is time and date stamped.



    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Deborah:

    Good post. It should be everywhere Deborah post.

    Is there a reason that Deborah chooses not to practice what she preaches?

    This could be a duplicate reply.


    Sid Sent from my iPhone



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