What Have You Written Today?


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What have you written today? An entry in a journal? A creative poem, a short story, a few pages of a novel or nonfiction book? A news media article, a self-help idea to aid someone else, a blog on your life or your profession?

Everyday there is something to share to show you care and hone your craft of communication. You never know whose life you will touch and inspire to create new ideas and concepts that our world needs more than ever to heal, grow, and evolve.

Words are meaningful, enriching, and important … use them graciously and respectfully…

Deborah A. Bowman

6 thoughts on “What Have You Written Today?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I love my antique dolls. They inspire me. The little redhead was a real person … Annie, first Irish immigrant that came through Ellis Island to the U.S. I believe she was 13 years old. I see her as my character Annie in my latest historical fiction release, Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift, based on a past-life hypnotic regression. My Annie is from the mid-1600s, Colonial America. She’s on amazon B01N9NRYMU and other sites as well …

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