Write Every Day!

I’m trying to keep a promise

I think it will be harmless

To write something every day

To help someone on their way

To express what they feel

Penning words to describe what’s real

Hiding in the depths of our hearts

Words bring people together

Don’t let them tear us apart

Let words and feelings make us all better

Than we were at the start of each new day

Spreading gifts of creativity to everyone along our way

By Deborah A. Bowman

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4 thoughts on “Write Every Day!

  1. If one can commit to write something daily to let the world know that they are alive and still in business, do it.

    If not, consider engaging Deborah to do it.


    1. We must be so much more than just alive, we must be gracious and caring in all our business, family, and interpersonal relationships! Creativity soothes the mind, heart, and soul.


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