The Mundane may have more substance than we realize…

I wrote this poem a week or so ago for “The Monday Mundane Challenge”:

Beauty in the mundane
Can be found in many ways
The imagination contains
Sights, sounds, images, words that say
Descriptions of the divine, the artistic, the creative
Bathing each mind’s image in colors, textures, meaning
If you but close your eyes, you will see all the relative
Pictures of your heart, psyche, soul seeming
Lost, hidden, forgotten, but au contraire
The scene bubbles up to the surface
If you but search within … if you but dare
To see beyond the darkness and reverse
The memories of the mundane
That have captured your heart in refrains
Of luscious strains of music or spoken muses
Yes, I see; I’ve seen; The beauty of the ruse.
–Deborah A. Bowman, 5/28/17



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