Really Very Miracle …

True to form, I’m learning social media as I use it. So Tumblr is new for me, but it’s interesting. Please, go take a quick peek at my new site. It’s called “Really Very Miracle”.

We all are unique, beautiful, and outstanding individuals. We need to use our love and intuition to connect, discuss, and aid our societies. Each tormented soul or mind must be touched by love and healed. There is plenty of love to go around if we but search within ourselves to seek the quiet pleas of haunted eyes, crying out for help.

You will be astounded by the glory and miracles we possess that are never released and allowed to grow. Find your inner peace and we can change the world….one silenced, fearful being at a time. It is so worth the effort to watch someone blossom before your very eyes …It is “Really Very Miracle” to touch another soul’s heart when you act as a vessel of The Creator who gave you life. Life is for abundance, joy, and love. Let’s pass it around and share the manifestation of heaven on earth.

Blessings, Deborah A. Bowman














2 thoughts on “Really Very Miracle …

  1. Deborah, a lot of social media is new for me as well and so I am a bit lost regarding your new site. I really like the theme of Really Very Miracle but I don’t know how to check out your new site. Am I missing something? Do I have to be on Tumblr to access it?


    1. Carol, lol, I didn’t even know what Tumblr was, other than a misspelled word, when I saw it. But it popped up and I filled it out. Yes, it’s a network type “follow” kind of thing like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I had to create a user name and password. “Really Very Miracle” was chosen by tumbler and even though it was grammatically incorrect, it resonated with me in an amusing kind of way. Maybe it was my mood or I was bored with being Ms Meticulous Editor, even though I know little gremlins sneak into my writing. Anyway, I guess I have to post, work it, etc. Tried to do an auto-post from WordPress, which should work, but I’m still learning. Twitter is probably my most used, read, and responded to social media. New things all the time to make us mature authors wonder when we got lost and who’s going to find us.

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