Today …

Will there be a tomorrow?

Will there be happiness or sorrow?

What happens if we speculate,

Delegate, regulate, designate

Our feelings, dreams, and ideas for tomorrow

And there is no tomorrow?

Find your happiness, dreams, future in a different way.

Live, love, cherish TODAY!

–Deborah A. Bowman



5 thoughts on “Today …

  1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I do believe that we are on the same path and I hope they will cross each other often. I like you paint when the words are no longer coming as fast as I would like. I was able to retire about 13 years ago and have been busy, busy, busy; until a health problem gets in my way. Thank you again for leaving me a note; a note of encouragement that there are others like myself who are actually working more in retirement than before I retired. Have a great Wednesday. E.

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    1. A delight to hear from you. Keeping busy is the key to creativity AND keeping health issues , hopefully, a little less troublesome. I fight auto immune diseases and advise young women on surviving and thriving with Lupus and RA. I send you white light for your health, lavender light for your creativity, and yellow sunbeams for your energy.


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