A Word of Encouragement…


The Heavens Have No Boundaries

Sometimes it seems the world has let us down…

We hear the nightly news and cry or frown…

Who has died today? Who has lied? Who has hurt another?

Isn’t there something else we can do, something other

Than tears and fears, fright and fight?

Look to the beauty of the heavens above

That have no boundaries to calm your mind…

There is still peace and love in our lives…

This is what we must strive to release…

Pray for Peace…


14 thoughts on “A Word of Encouragement…

    1. No, that’s a cop-out. That’s the taking of a precious life which our Creator bestowed lovingly upon us. He also gave us challenges, and I also believe in Karmic baggage. We are to rise above these bouts we do not chose to engulf us. At least the majority of us do not. Those who play games for attention are another story. Those are dangerous games to play. But the mental condition … I will not call it disease … of Depression, Clinical Depression, is not our fault. We do not chose it; IT choses us and has evolved through physical (brain chemistry), environmental (trauma/abuse), and hereditary (DNA)factors. We must first accept we are not to blame in order to heal, rise above, deal with and conquer. It’s a daily battle. My brother committed suicide in the prime of his life. It destroys families and is the one hurt that never goes away, like an open sound that never heals. You accept that he was ill, after a time, but you never understand. “He succumbed to the devils within …” This was told to me by a minister whom I hold in high esteem, who knew my brother well. Suicide is never the answer. I wish that it could not be a choice as well… but such are the trials of free will. The more we understand the depressed condition and state of mind, the more we can help those suffering so tediously. Drugs, pharmaceuticals, are not the long-term term answer. Short-lived emergency support or physical brain-chemical adjustment may be required, but must be monitored wisely, which I do not believe exists in the U.S. The treatment of understanding and information “WHY?” is the greatest aid professionals and families can offer. It starts with … “You are not to blame … There is help … Reach out to me as a vessel of our Creator. I will do my best to help you, but you must help yourself, too. Pray, believe, heal the wounded psyche … In loving sincerity, Deborah

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      1. I believe some people are ill long before they decide to commit suicide. It is a factor that contributes to our society’s norms; if we behave normally in ‘our environment’, the problem goes away. Sometimes, others do not always notice the signs and symptoms beforehand. When they do realize what is happening, it is often too late. This doesn’t sound like your brother’s case. Unfortunately, it seems he may have been clinically depressed all along. Genes (DNA) and hereditary traits do play a role in depression, as well as behavioral mood swings, chemical imbalance, trauma or stress. At other times, it seems to the person that it is the only way out of the circumstances beyond their control. You seemed to have accepted and adjusted to his illness. You will never understand completely why he made that decision. Given that there are so many mental health resources out there, it can help family members and close friends understand the illness better. I pray that you shall receive peace and comfort in this area of your life. You are a trooper and very strong inside. You have a lot of perseverance and determination.

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      2. Thank you, Anne, for your understanding, information, and insight. I was so glad to hear you are doing better. Life with autoimmune deficiency diseases is very challenging, but I’ve found, as I’m sure you have too, the strongest people I have known are prople, especially women, like us.


  1. Deborah, your words are always uplifting and provides encouragement. That is why I see a connection – your feisty attitude and a “never give up” attitude. I do hope you begin to rebuild your strength and your mobility will improve soon.


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