Clasid Consultants Publishing, Inc.–Our Concept, Services, and Fiction Editing as My Personal Passion!

Publishing Company Vs. Publisher, We Work Together for the Author/Writer/Entrepreneur

The difference between a PublishING company and a PublishER is that our company readies the writer/author/website-admin to submit the final product to a PublishER, Printer or IT Specialist, which we as consultants, can recommend, manage, and edit/proofread for clarity, consistency, and accuracy all media/all genre and recommend high-level consultants from our researched and accredited consultants and global network partners.

We are in no way involved in distribution, dissemination, selling books to keep a client’s royalties, or promoting manuscripts to agents and publishers. We do, however, offer business promo packages, promotional materials to draw attention to your book/manuscript, or any other type of written communication and online presentations. We bring your words and images to life, online or in-print. We stay abreast of new insights, technology, and trends to keep our clients one step ahead of the rapidly changing communications industry. We are involved in the entire process of Creativity!

Many fellow authors and bloggers know that I personally, as CEO, offer free reader’s reviews and editorial reviews, which I submit to the author to change, use parts of or all of for different promotions, whatever they wish, because authors include editorial reviews on their own sales websites. I do suggest an additional proofread if changes are made.

We also copyright Works-In-Progress until a PublishER accepts your work and publishes their own copyright, which I believe should be in your name, not the Publisher’s, but every company does things a little differently and you must adhere to their boilerplate contract or get the publisher to make changes with both your initials on the signed document. We also work from a professional contract agreed upon by both parties. We encourage an environment where everyone is aware of the scope, receivables, and timeframe. Questions are free and welcomed. We want to work from the same page (pun intended).

We critique PublishER’s contracts, even the small print, if you wish. We recommend printers, sales venues, promotional suggestions, social media contacts, networking, and produce websites in a visual and written current-style design with the client using their own IT person for SEO and programming functions (html…) or we can recommend someone. I study and research all trending aspects of the media for my clients, remaining in touch with buzz words, new ideas, and evolving technologies.

Let me help you with all my decades of expertise and credentials, which can be accessed under my Bio “Who Am I?”

A Short Remark About Editing Fiction

As CEO with a passion for fiction, which I also write (8 books published), I have an unique and personal system of editing which offers a triple advantage to all levels of authors from the first-time author to the seasoned professional. I only go into the specific details of my own system when an author has chosen my special services and I have chosen that author/manuscript. The three all-in-one advantages, which are offered at affordable rates and adjusted for your budget, when realistic and feasible, are– (1) price contingency based on level of editing/rewriting so as little or as much as is desired; (2) editing from a double perspective, as an editor AND a reader, crucial to readers’ reviews and a standard measuring stick of quality; (3) mentoring on ways to increase your knowledge of writing skills at no extra cost. I want one’s experience to be as rewarding and beneficial as possible; after all it is my passion!

Clasid Letterhead Master 8-1-17

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