What we dream is an alternate reality we bring into being…


Fiction is the only reality.


Which may not have found a soul yet to implant wonders for the future or wisdom of the past.


The stories must be told to a questing mind, not of this time and place, but of eternity.


The Universal spirit of belief, faith, inner knowing, precognition; destined to forever last


In the visions and dreams of consciousness … for infinity.


One day you will see self in another face, reflected in a looking glass


And grasp that FICTION is but another dimension, an extension


Of all the incarnations that simply must be.


You will scrutinize, then recognize, and only then will you finally, truly BELIEVE!


(by Deborah A. Bowman, Copyrighted 2018, permission to share with author’s credit)



19 thoughts on “FICTION IS REALITY!

  1. Absolutely! That means the fiction writers have found a way to pierce the veil between our realities. How exciting and cool is that? It sure explains how we are able to channel stories that just pop into our heads. ❤


  2. I cannot tell you how many half facetious conversations I’ve had with fellow creatives about how we may just be revealing realities in other dimensions, that our creative vision could be a window into those realities.

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    1. I believe that I channel from somewhere else when I write. When I research historical data, like background for Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift and the Delilah, Astral Investigation Infinity Series, I’m always shocked and amazed when what I have thought I imagined is actuality. Spooky, huh?

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    1. Your description of yourself resonated so strongly within me and the words just wrote themselves upon the page, it seemed, and then I knew I had to take the theory of self and all that entails to other forums. It has been discussed and sent to other authors, who are searching for the realism we just naturally see, each onto the other. It is our gift to those who seek the believability as well. I must humbly thank you for clarifying something I have contemplated for quite some time.

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  3. I wrote elsewhere, on another post, that ‘the self is all there is’… The way you write, I can see how passionate and determined you are to bring this theory out… I’ve learnt new things from this comment of yours itself! I can’t wait to see you develop this.. Because after all, as I always say, Fiction is, the ONLY Reality! 📖📚

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