Dear Diary; Dear Journal by Deborah A. Bowman

“Where You Write” is just as important as what you write and to whom, but must we always share?

Perhaps, perhaps; yet there are some words only meant for the crisp, clean page that holds the coveted position in a comfortable room, only for you–Dear Diary; Dear Journal, “Hi, there!”

My eyes drift shut for just a moment; dawn has not yet arrived…

I inhale all my other senses in a deep breath–a taste of energy in total silence, a hint of chill, the heady smell of fresh shellac, easily survived…

The scent of raw, lightly treated wood beams, an arched ceiling, floors with a dab of  shiny gloss, immaculate…

It calms my mind and thrills my spirit because I know I can write anything here or even write nothing at all, but the dilemma … to share or retract?

Is everything set up in order on the familiar desk? Yes…

Do I lift the proverbial quill or pen, tap softly on muted keys or simply rest?

But where will the story go if I don’t rush, rush, rush to complete the piece?

Will another writer jot down these stories and give it release?

To spread the full wings of creativity

Where stories are possible; the paranormal in true believability…

To dwell for a brief moment in a time continuum…

Deep poignant thoughts are challenged or read in awe or disgust, hardly humdrum…

If I can see, feel, visualize, live so very much in my own mind

Is it my duty to share my words with all humankind?

A conundrum, ta’ be sure, giving and receiving inspiration

Through rigorous thought, tears, laughter, perspiration…

But do I dare? My Journal, a constant companion; My Diary, dear old friend…

Will people understand my thoughts and or even care in the end?

A Little Nook and Cranny is All I Need to Go Anywhere and Do Anything!

17 thoughts on “Dear Diary; Dear Journal by Deborah A. Bowman

  1. Thanks, Colleen. It almost wrote itself as I wondered about all the stories that could be novels that dwell in my journals and diaries that I found recently. I have 93 pages of a novel, legal-size handwritten, that was tucked away from various moves over a decade ago. Must do something with it, I guess.


      1. This one does, anyway. I never know where I’m going to end up, but I can see glitches and fix other writer’s work. But we can never be objective about our own work. Even though we all try very hard to find that magic equation.

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  2. Cleverly written poem, Deborah. That is so true. All we writers need is a nook and cranny, pen, paper or computer and our words swirl around in our heads. Words flow and burst forth creating the birth of a story.
    I want to thank you for the recent review of my children’s book, Louey the Lazy Elephant. Much appreciated! 😆

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    1. I loved your first book and am looking forward to experiencing more of your delightful gems as soon as things slow down a little bit. I’m working on a second book in my YA series. I want to launch it in March. Yikes!

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