Flash Fiction Challenge, The Unicorn

The air is sweet as flowers, tart as leaves, chilled, yet warm as breath and blood.

I’m blinded by glare.

She stands in regal glory. A breeze whispers through her white mane, tail, and coat; eyes blue as sky; alabaster hooves. She sees me.

She nods. I go forth on fairy wings. Her breath escapes in silent words. She drops her massive head.

All the angelic colors of the rainbow radiate from The Unicorn’s horn. Magical, ethereal, silky to the touch. All there is and all there ever will be in one sensual stroke. I smile; she nuzzles me.

Unicorn 2-25-18


17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge, The Unicorn

    1. On my blog? Yes, I haven’t been able to get a link attached to the picture. I don’t know how to add it. The other links for the titles of my books were done on the sidebar, but then there was a change on WordPress. It’s something I’ve been needing to get back to, but I run out of hours in the day. Thank you for reminding me, Balroop. I will make this a priority. I need to redesign some covers on my other books and get them all in print as well as eBook, but my work always comes last because my clients come first. Such is life! I’ve also been very ill the past year. Much catch-up needs to be done! Blessings and thank you again.

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      1. I like how you say the hours to lengthen, we all wish when life seems to rush by. So nice of you Deb, to keep your priorities well defined in such a kind manner. My wishes for your good health. Take care!

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  1. My dear fairy friend, what a lovely depiction of a unicorn. The rainbow is sacred to the Fey. I could see your words. ❤️🦄❤️✨🌈✨

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