Messenger of Doom

Tell Me, What Lies You Bring, Raven?


It wasn’t a dark and stormy night

A golden sun was shining

But the color wasn’t right

Too bright, too orange, too blinding

The coarseness of the beast

Not fit to be a craven fowl

His beak open, demanding a feast

Nothing to quench his howl

Not a bird of prey

A large animal, depraved

He does not fly or soar

His voice, a primal roar

He stalks my garden walk

On torn barren legs

No feathers, just tangled dregs

Like a monstrous wild cat

Screaming too loud!

I fall as my heart shivered

My breath stops … message delivered

21 thoughts on “Messenger of Doom

    1. It wrote itself, Balroop, as they always do. It’s a 99-word flash fiction challenge, so it tells a story. Yes, a sad one. The story came from the picture, which I chose. My horror story for the day. Yes, Ravens have beautiful aspects, too. I hope I did not offend.

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    1. Just today; just for a flash fiction story. I actually find them incredibly beautiful and they fill my backyard some days. When they come to tell me the end is here, I will fly off with them on the white wings of a dove. Blessings, Robbie.


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