On August 28, 2017, I died… But it was not my time yet.



I am a ghostwriter, as well as an author and editor, and many of my followers know I write memoirs, but I have never written my own. I hid behind my words and songs and art until one day when I couldn’t hide anymore. It was an accident, a drug interaction,  a misdiagnosis by the doctors that refused to acknowledge it. At the time, I didn’t know or want to know that I died that day in the emergency room … for mere seconds? I’m not sure. Only my husband knows the full truth. I have been blessed because of my experience. I came back with a mission!

For the past 7 months, I’ve been researching, studying, training, updating certifications. I’ve turned to holistic healers and healthy snacks and shakes. I’ve lost some weight, not enough, but it’s made me feel a lot better. I’ve cut out over half of my prescription drugs with the horrible side effects.

I had already met many people through my blog with immune-deficiency diseases because it’s in my Bio that I was diagnosed 28 years ago. I met even more on Facebook and Twitter, even LinkedIn, at the doctor’s office, at a restaurant we go to; even when I was a patient in the hospital, I was teaching a RN about SLE Lupus because her BFF had just been diagnosed, and she was going to the beach to sunbathe … in Miami! Yikes! Neither one of them knew that sunshine makes SLE worse, life-threatening. It turns it on!

I’ve met many, many more people these past 7 months, some in my own family, with SLE Lupus, Discoid Lupus, Juvenile Lupus, Geriatric Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis,  MS, Depression, Autism, Encephalitis, Ischemic Stroke, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, on and on and on. But what was I supposed to do? I guess I’m the type that has to be hit in the head with a brick to see what’s right in front of my eyes. People need help, and our world is getting more toxic  everyday.

THE REST OF THE STORY: I prayed the night before on August 27, 2017, as I have before. I asked God to take me, to bring me home. I know now it was the prescription drugs talking and not my intention. I hurt; I was depressed; I was scared … but I ended my prayer as I always have for many, many years. No, not often, just a few desperate times when the pain was just too much to bear. “Please, bring me home, dear Lord. I’m ready …” Then I would take a deep breath and whisper, “But if you need me, God; if anyone needs me, I am Your vessel. Tell me where to go, when to go, who to see. I know when I get there, the words will be there because you always send them to me. So, even though, I’m ready… if you need me, I’m here, as always. Amen.”

I’m still here and stronger than ever because of the things I’ve learned and the research I’ve done. My body, mind, and spirit are working together for a change, even though I hit the big “65” in about a month.

The new website is not replacing bowmanauthor, and I’m still writing, editing, advising people on publishing. I’ll never stop that! I love it!

www.betteryourwellness.com is a place to go if you need some advice, suggestions, or want to hear about some of the things I’ve tried that have actually worked, actually helped me … a lot. There’s a link on the site to the company I’ve found to be the best for me.

It’s my personal story and educational journey, the one I never thought I’d write.

It begins with these words and a picture of me, and not my pen-name, my real name: Deborah A. Stevens, as a 28-year SLE Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and 6X-Cancer Survivor, inflammation was killing me. I turned to Holistic, Nutritional Alternatives when Western Medicine let me down. I was losing the battle, but not the mindset and will to live. My quest is to help others. It is not hopeless!

13 thoughts on “On August 28, 2017, I died… But it was not my time yet.

    1. Thank you, Robbie. I didn’t want to write this, but in my research I have found so many others like myself. I want to live and cherish the joys I have been blessed with. But sometimes it’s hard and people get tired or discouraged. My heart bleeds and cries for all who suffer. I want to take away their pain, renew their faith, send them peace, wellness, and wellbeing. I am but one empath, one soul. But movements have begun with one mere voice before. I do not believe that voice could be mine. I am but a vessel … a conduit … for a power stronger than the Universe, beyond infinity … our Superior Being, by whatever name that entity is known to self. This can ease the suffering, save our Earth, which is sick and ailing to restore it for the children of the children and onward. Blessings!

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    1. Dorinda, I’m always amazed at the beautiful people that have such struggles. Maybe it makes us more creative, but why don’t angry, mean people suffer? It just seems that way sometimes. It’s tough being an empath. But I love to laugh and be happy and sing and chair-dance. It is an honor to know you as well, my dear. Keep writing beautiful poetry to make us both happy and well!

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      1. That is what I believe, Dorinda. We write our verse as a balm of encouragement, inspiration, and to spread joy, love, peace, and humor! My fiction always has a mission as I believe your does too. Keep writing!

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  1. Thank you for the follow Deborah and I will pop over to your other sight..I love your passion and I am a firm believer in positive thoughts and that food can be your medicine and sometimes just few tweaks to the diet away..Stay strong 🙂 xx

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