Social Media is Global


The world seems like such a big place, but social media has brought us together to touch each other’s lives

And what have we found out?

We’ve found out that we’re so much alike … We guide; we strive;

We laugh; we cry; we dream; we scream; we follow our own route…

But now we know we’re not alone

We never were…

It doesn’t matter our age, youth or grown

We all want our voices to be heard

That’s all…

We know someone listens if ever we should fall

Or celebrates with us when we stand tall

Deborah A. Bowman, March 26, 2018





16 thoughts on “Social Media is Global

      1. YES!! I’m so happy to be part of your happiness. We’ll bolster each other and soar! ❤ By the way, I'm writing a short story for a collection I've been working on. I added two goats, one for you and one for me. LOL. ❤

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      2. This story is for the first volume I’m doing with my friend, Wendy Anne Darling to explain how the Sisters of the Fey began (Slavic witches). This story will appear in four parts, in each of the four seasons of our poetry short story collection volumes called, Fairies, Myths, & Magic. I’ll share when it’s finished. ❤


      3. LOL! I’m pretty sure I’m all German/Russian. Both sides of my family came from Dreispitz, Russia. They were Germans who farmed the wheat fields of Russia until around 1906. They participated in the Kansas land grab and ended up there. On my mother’s side I was told she was born on the boat coming over… That whole side of my family is really sketchy. My mom died when I was 3. I never knew her or her family. Funny how that all finds its way into my writing. LOL! 😀 We are definitely related, I’m sure. I feel like the universe is guiding me to the family I never had. ❤

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