To A Sunday Morn … First Poem I Ever Wrote … I was 9 years old. Published 54 years ago in a 4-H Magazine

Today is made for growing

With Spring knocking at my door

The sky is dark and clouded

The rain serenely pours

The flowers gently peek

From their Winter’s hiding place

The robin he doth seek

A pine of firry lace

The rain is bringing growth

To every flower, bush, and tree

The creeks and rivers floweth

With eternal life to be

The clouds gently part

A ray of sun kisses the earth

It enlivens my heart

With Spring’s wondrous rebirth

From a church on yonder hill

The bells of Sabbath ring

The world is quiet ’til

The birds begin to sing…

By Deborah A. Bowman, copyrighted in 1962, but please do SHARE … just mention my name and blog,

morning scene, creative visualization
Utopia in Sunlight



14 thoughts on “To A Sunday Morn … First Poem I Ever Wrote … I was 9 years old. Published 54 years ago in a 4-H Magazine

    1. Oh, Marion, so do I! I write so much poetry that I forget so much of it, but that poem … almost like a song, psalm, or sonnet … never leaves my mind. Have a blessed weekend, my dear! You bring peace and joy to the world through your faith. You inspire me to write. Thank you!


  1. What a lovely poem, Patricia, at such an young age! You are talented with words. Thank you for sharing. I began writing poems in the form of greeting cards at age 9 too. I always loved the cadence and rhythm of rhyme and still occasional make up my own cards to give to friends and family. 😆

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    1. So do I. I design the cards for family and friends, printing them individually. There are some lovely card weight blanks out there that look beautiful. I love cream linen. You do such lovely verse in your books!

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