The Last Beach Sunset


Rainbows of color through the sky

I didn’t even wonder why

A trick of the light reflected in the glass

How were we to know it was the last?

Just a few days passed

And he was no more

He had slipped through the veiled door

Into what lies beyond

To a realm that broke our bond

But a few nights ago

I saw a rainbow

His way of letting it be known

I’m not alone

He made it home

Deborah A. Bowman



11 thoughts on “The Last Beach Sunset

    1. I took this picture on our last evening at the beach, only four days before his last breath. Then I remembered the rainbow I saw two days after his death, which I knew was a message as soon as I saw it. We were blessed to have that last little vacation at Easter.

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  1. Haunting, yet beautiful Deb. What a gift to see the rainbow and know in your heart he is safe both at ‘home’ and in your heart. Love and hugs to you my Twinnie girl. ❤

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