The Last Beach Sunset


Rainbows of color through the sky

I didn’t even wonder why

A trick of the light reflected in the glass

How were we to know it was the last?

Just a few days passed

And he was no more

He had slipped through the veiled door

Into what lies beyond

To a realm that broke our bond

But a few nights ago

I saw a rainbow

His way of letting it be known

I’m not alone

He made it home

Deborah A. Bowman



11 thoughts on “The Last Beach Sunset

    1. I took this picture on our last evening at the beach, only four days before his last breath. Then I remembered the rainbow I saw two days after his death, which I knew was a message as soon as I saw it. We were blessed to have that last little vacation at Easter.

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  1. Beautiful words, Deborah, and it’s amazing how signs or messages from our dear loved ones show us that we aren’t alone, that they’ll always be with us. Hugs and blessings, Lauren 💕

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  2. Haunting, yet beautiful Deb. What a gift to see the rainbow and know in your heart he is safe both at ‘home’ and in your heart. Love and hugs to you my Twinnie girl. ❤

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