Bowmanauthor’s 4th of July Poem … Strike Up the Band!


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The JOHN HANCOCK is signed

We can easily find

The names quilled in ink

But does it make you think?

Our country needs everyone

To take a deep breath, exhale

And set out on a new trail

Listen to the wind blowing through parched minds

As it clears away the boundaries and lines

We are all citizens of the United States of America

We are all one, whole, connected, searching for Utopia

There may not be Utopia, but there isn’t Dystopia

We can rearrange; we can change or stay the same

It’s all up to you

To do what you believe to be true

Every heart, every soul, every red-blooded American girl or boy

Reach out your hand; take a stand; embrace each other with love and joy

I am alone this 4th of July

But if I cry

They will be tears of redemption

That will fill my emptiness

United We Stand

Strike Up the Band!


poem by Deborah A. Bowman


17 thoughts on “Bowmanauthor’s 4th of July Poem … Strike Up the Band!

  1. Lovely poem, but I don’t feel like rejoicing for my country the way it is now. I’m a veteran, and this isn’t the country I vowed to protect. ❤

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    1. Me either, but we all have to start within ourselves or the message will not spread. Use your white light, my angel. Send the joy. We must recreate this joy in every heart. Blessings. I understand your point.

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      1. I know you’re right. I fall off the wagon some days. LOL! Thanks for righting me! ❤ Love and Hugs back to you and Molly.

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    1. We are a melting pot, but we have a common bond in spite of it all. In the words of Walt Whitman (one of his many versions, of course: “I am a part of every person I have ever met. And what I assume, you assume. But I separate myself and sing myself … and we are but Leave of Grass.”


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