The Sun Will Shine Down Upon Me Again

The Rays Are Reaching Out

The Glory of the Sun in Our Lives

The Sun came up this morning, but I was mourning

So I didn’t see its glory and its warming

I wanted to ignore the rays’ beauty

For I felt it was my duty

Then for months, it rained in many ways

From storms and clouds to tears and fears

But I’m reaching out today and seeing the Sun’s rays

The Sun will shine down upon me again

Though I don’t know why or even when

But I see a smile from heaven above

Sending me joy, cherished messages, and love

“Go ahead and let the Sun shine

Reach out, it’s time…”

To let the Sun seep into my being

It begins with truly seeing

What has come before

What’s left that’s more

Going forward and noticing the glow

Rather than denying the beauty I know

The Glory of God is in the sky

I’m not hiding, nor asking why

I must see … and be…

Even when I cry…

Deborah A. Bowman






12 thoughts on “The Sun Will Shine Down Upon Me Again

  1. The sun tries to shimmer even through the darkest clouds, giving a profound message. I am glad you are coming out to notice dear friend. Life is like that, we have to accept it as it comes.


  2. Each day that passes you will find more peace. None of this is ever easy. We’re here for you, Deb, our Sister of the Fey. ❤


  3. I’m happy to hear that you are seeing a light through all the darkness you have had to endure. May the sun shine upon you and bring you peace to your heart and mind. 🤗 😘


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