The poetry goes on… We will never die…

The power of the quill never dies

We worry the quill will dry out

The inkpot break or crumble to dust

We fidget, grumble, fear, shout!

But hush, hush; don’t rush…

Stand still, inhale the rich, warm fumes

That fill the air and allow words to bloom

Do not panic too soon

The poetry will sigh

We will never die.

Deborah A. Bowman

15 thoughts on “The poetry goes on… We will never die…

    1. Lauren, I never worried about the lyrics and the poetry, but when I wrote my first book, many years ago, I worried that I only had one book in me. And interestingly enough, I poured that sentiment into the book. Even though it was a psychological suspense/romance, it was about writers. All different types of writers. I had one writer in the novel finish his book and go through the process of “What happens if the writing stops?” It was a revelatory experience to put my feelings into words … in someone else’s perspective. I’ve never forgotten writing that passage. I should probably find it and make it a blog since this first book is under a different publisher than what I currently use and most people don’t even know that it’s mine. Thank you for the comment, Lauren, it has greased the wheels in my mind. Now, to find the time! lol

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      1. Thanks for sharing, Deborah, and I’m happy to grease the wheels. 🙂 It sounds like you have one more thing to do on your list now. And even though I’ve written on this topic before, you may have inspired another poem. 🙂 🌷


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