Lost in reflection…

Looking back, could I have done something more?

Something different?

Something besides staring at the floor

Covered in needles, adrenaline vials spent?

Plastic wrappers tossed aimlessly

My life shattered shamelessly

But I didn’t even think about me

His body, now removed, was all I could see

I did no wrong

But he was gone.

I bent down and cleaned up the mess

Left by those who took him to his final rest.


19 thoughts on “Lost in reflection…

    1. I know but I had to write it down. I don’t why I keep seeing that image … all the things left behind. Me falling to the floor from two crutches. I guess a message to clean up my life and walk onward! 💙

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  1. This traumatic and unexpected event has changed your world. Remember that Sid wants to to be WELL and you are getting there… step by step… one day at a time, knowing that YOU are here for more love and more contribution. YOU are greatly needed and are so very gifted as you help others with your words, wisdom and talent. Look forward to seeing you soon. XO


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