My strength is in my writing!

Sometimes we have to go to the depths of despair to find the core of our being. 2018 was just such a year for me. But dwelling on the past has never helped anyone. The future cannot change, redeem, or soften the past. It is what it is. So whether you reflect in sadness or fantasize about happier times returning, let go! These are the hardest words I have ever penned.

That said, I know my strength is in my writing. I chose to use my strength to face the future. Wish me luck! The same to all of you!

29 thoughts on “My strength is in my writing!

      1. Absolutely, that’s one area of my psyche I can rely on, even when everything else falls apart. I was so blessed to be inundated with work last year. It forced me to get up in the morning. We got this, sis! 💖

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    1. Thank you. It is my salvation and so are you! Tried so hard to read your book of short stories on Angels. I made it through the first two and was smothering in tears. I hope to be able to read it soon. I see that you used Hemingway’s famous quote in your writing … “go to the typewriter and bleed…”


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