The Elusive Souls

The Sisters of the Fey

Dare to Capture the Elusive Souls?

Standing stones of antiquity … prehistoric vintage…

What hands fashioned this fantasy on earth?

What type of man and woman with ancient lineage

Knew how to create the energy and give birth

To a masterpiece of rock and nature

To fill the minds of evolved beins for all eternity?

They who ventured forth to find and nurture

The natural essence of relearning so as to see

The life of gods and goddesses,

Who once lived upon this planet

Before time and reason vanquished priestesses

Of the otherworldly amongst the gamut…

Surrealism, wizardry, soothsayer,

Magick, druidism, and worship…

Faith of water, sky, soil, and fire

By divine deities who flourished,

Secreted in our world:

No longer remembered or nourished

By nature’s abundance and song.

Where have the elusive souls gone?

Deb's Stone Henge Painting, 2-16-18 Original Painting of Stonehenge and Poem by Deborah A. Bowman

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