What does a ghostwriter do? … We tell a lot more than just ghost stories. We tell “Your” story in your words, only better!

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Your life story doesn’t have to be filled with blank pages!

Ghostwriting is an art, a calling, and an act of dedication to the writing craft with millions of stories out there crying to be heard, especially if there is a message that can relate to a wide demographic of readers.

First of all, ghostwriting is for memoirs, transformational, spiritual, psychological, philosophical, and business books. All nonfiction. The book needs a purpose, a genre, and an audience. The ghostwriter can give you ideas to further your scope and readership as well.

Self-help books are always in demand. “Let me tell you my story to inspire/motivate/teach you to do as I have done. It can work for you too!”

If you want to promote your unique business, tell your story.

If you have an individual take on the arts and sciences, share your story.

If you have an idea that begs to be released, create your platform intertwined with your life’s ambition in your story.

If you don’t have time or writing expertise, let a ghostwriter tell your story.

Even for the accomplished writer, having a professional writer interview you, organize your thoughts and major life events, and present your theme in the strongest, most dramatic manner possible will enhance your story, your message, and attract readers.

It’s amazing how much of “ourselves” we just take for granted. Many people think that the things that come easy to us are of little consequence. When in reality, those traits and talents that are automatic for us are usually our strongest skill set. These are the skills, personal experiences, opinions, and philosophies that are “us” … our lives … our stories. This is what you need to share. This is what you care about. This is your uniqueness that others can learn from or use to further their uniqueness as well.

For example, with a professional editor/proofreader, you get a second pair of eyes to make sure your writing is as clean, accurate, and consistent as possible. With a ghostwriter, you get a reflection of yourself at your very best, including all facets of your mind, heart, and soul from a living, breathing mind, heart, and soul who researches you in your entirety with an unbiased, unemotional grasp of reality.

Ghostwriting = telling your story, only better! In your voice, with your words, with clarity, directness, and emphasis on the important message that will launch your business, your principles, and your creative endeavors. Telling your story without compromise, shyness, hesitation, or even too much ego. It reveals your story as the truth it always has been from another point of view. A viewpoint that presents you at your very best!

Contact me at bowmaneditor@outlook.com for a no-charge consultation to see how your true story can put $$$ and “sense” into your story.

Deborah A. Bowman Stevens, Ghostwriter.







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