Publishing and Editing Services … “The Pick and Shovel Work of Perfection”

Every one who comes to my blog, bowmanauthor, knows I write poetry from abstract to antiquity to the absurd. I write tips and tricks of the trade in publishing trends, and my passion: books of fiction, usually with a paranormal vein. I also try to post some book reviews, but not so often of late as I also do fiction editing, graphic design for business promo packages, and ghostwriting for nonfiction. My dance card has been a little full. Reading for pleasure has taken a backseat to the heartfelt world of mentoring other writers: the “Pick and Shovel Work” of plot and content development.

That’s where comes in. The job everyone hates to tackle in their own writing where the “Elements of Style” meet English Composition. The not so creative necessities of making sure everything gels together in accuracy, clarity, and cohesiveness. The part that us creative authors hate to  do! Pesky rules on punctuation, grammar, and verb tenses, word definition and choice, and flowing syntax. Yuck! Knowing the parts of speech and diagramming sentences. But it really does help your writing if the sentences really do make sense.

So you never know what you will find when you stumble into my blog. I just hope you’ll contact me when you need a little assistance with a manuscript that needs a little polishing. Picks and shovels also mine precious gems from congealed ore. Let me help you take your diamond in the rough and release its brilliance in all its multi-faceted glory.

Happy writing as well as creativity and polished editorially correct manuscripts to everyone!

Deborah A. Bowman, Publishing Advisor, Writer/Editor/Ghostwriter, Formatting and Critiques


8 thoughts on “Publishing and Editing Services … “The Pick and Shovel Work of Perfection”

  1. This summer, every day of my summer, I wrote to many many feminist editors thinking maybe they could understand my situation but some of them were on holidays and most of them never answered me.
    So if it’s destiny I don’t know but just today I decided to finish with my literary career because after my 10 books and 4 italian editors I feel very upset about editing world.
    So this summer I tried to give my creative byography to those feminist editors but but maybe something didn’t go well. They didn’t even tell me what and they didn’t give me a greeting. Yet I am a woman and they said to take care of women’s stories. Unfortunately, there are no feminist editors in Italy, so I chose to write to American publishers. But perhaps none of them had a moment for me.
    I have now decided that perhaps it is better to burn everything, all my books. Maybe it’s time to end it with fiction. Now I’ve read this post of yours and maybe it’s not random. Is it?

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    1. Amleta, Synchronicity is alive in the Universe. I write fiction as well, so I understand the upheaval in the marketplace as far as traditional publishing and self-publishing. So sad that the truly good writers go unnoticed because we aren’t marketers or promotion specialists. But a book-ready submission to an agent or publishing house gives you a chance. Without an editor, as I’m sure you know, one little error or inconsistency and the agent or publisher stops reading and goes onto the next book in the slush pile, usually without the courtesy of a reply. I would love to read the first chapter of one of your books at no-charge to see how I can help another woman, like myself, beat the odds in this very competitive market. I still believe that cream rises to the top if presented professionally. Going to an American publisher or agent is a good idea because the sales market is very high in the U.S. Send me an email at Let’s see what we can do to get you noticed. Are your books written in Italian and then translated? Let me know in the email. Blessings to you on this sunny autumn day. And thank you for contacting me. Please, never throw away your precious words, even though I understand how the temptation is great when we pour ourselves into our writing with no return for our hard work.

      Deborah A. Bowman Stevens


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